Terms & Conditions

All estimates/quotes on our comprehension of your prerequisites and according to the given time span. Any modifications to the functionality including small-scale upgrades, may acquire extra costs as needs are. Kindly pledge and clear up our comprehension in a face to face or online conference call.

By accepting a quote/proposal, or finalizing the purchase of a plan you agree and acknowledge the terms and conditions of Brandegree. Acknowledgement can be made verbally, by email, by payment of a package, by signing a project quote.

Clients must provide us with clear rules as well as the flow or particular points of interest they may require in the project through the form provided during the package purchase process or custom quotes. When these subtle elements are not provided, we continue our understanding of the needs and establish an appropriate concept. Subsequently, if an error occurs, it may result in additional costs to force progress. In this way, it is fundamental that you illuminate every part of the improvement of your project and guarantee that you have cited the right necessities.

  • For each project, we allocate specific hours for each task, whether it is logo creation, branding, graphic design or motion design. Minor changes can be incorporated into the allocated hours. This will be reviewed based on the progress and project.
  • Brandegree will bend over backward to finish the task/changes in the given time allotment. Exceptional deferrals are acceptable if any functionality is modified or revised.
  • Any deferrals at customer’s end may postpone the undertaking and proposed time periods and may bring about extra cost.
  • Any bugs (errors in the order) revealed during or shortly after the progress of the project do not result in additional costs.
  • Any new-work on already provided work will charge extra cost. Any changes in design concepts after it’s approved will attract extra cost to the client.
  • Any alterations asked for amid the improvement or after the Go-Live endorsement will acquire extra charges. All extra work, well beyond the appraisals, is charged separately. By no means will Brandegree be subject to any postponements caused by change in the undertaking project.
  • The objective and details of the project must be provided within the first week of the contract to avoid unnecessary delays. Any postponement from this point onwards may delay the task and does not commit us to the time frame of the package.
  • If you require the project to be put on hold, please prompt us in writing ahead of time. To put the project on hold without bringing about extra charges, we will require the record to be updated in our departments. Additionally, details can be discussed if such a circumstance emerges.
  • The customer must perceive that at times there might be unanticipated conditions that will delay the creative process. For whatever length of time that it is inside a sensible period, the customer/client agrees not to penalize us for any genuine delay, when every effort to keep the project on the proposed schedule is taken.
  • All communication/correspondence is generally done via email and Google meet. It is the client’s responsibility to keep us informed of their relevant email addresses.
  • The client can claim the funds 100% money back within 24 hours once they deposit to brandegree.com
  • If our client provided all information to start a design project and then they ask for money back in the next 3 days then they will be entitled to receive 50% of the total amount.
  • No refund is applicable if the customer claims it after 3 days following the payment,
  • Refunds will not be applicable once the  work is completed & delivered to our client.